June 4, 2013

PIPE - The simplest way to send files through FaceBook

Pipe Dream Technologies, berlin based company targets to modify the “Share on Facebook” feature method in a way that, members can share files with their friends in their network. They can simply drag and drop music, documents, video and pictures into a virtual green tube (You would have viewed these green tubes in your favorite “Super Mario Games”). So, Facebook friends are can receive these bits and pieces in real time with Pipe, even if they don't have the app or aren't online.

Simon Howell of Pipe told Mashable "There are more than a billion users on Facebook and there is no easy solution to transfer a file from one person to another, We have taken a function such as attaching a file and turned it into something anyone can use — without ever leaving Facebook. It's secure and private, and we're confident it will catch on and spread fast."

In fact files sent through Pipe app never pass over Facebook, but relatively goes right from computer to computer with Adobe technology. Even your receiver is offline the file sits in "a locker," which can collect up to 100 MB, until the receiver login into FB and accesses it. For each user there is no limit to the number of lockers. Afterward, the receiver can save the file to their desktop and it won't be archived in the locker.

The app isn't just yet releasing to mobile, but when it does, it could open up a massive opportunity for greater adoption with so many Facebook users using the site while on the go.

"We're going live on the desktop first and will release mobile versions of Pipe a little later," Simon Hossell said. "We have them in the pipeline already."

Pipe officially launches the app on Wednesday, brings the ability to send attachments and larger files to Facebook.

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