March 16, 2011

Interesting new feature from Google - SMART FOLDERS for Gmail Users

Google continues to release interesting new features designed to help email users. It has improved filtering and helped us save time doing standard email-related tasks. But Gmail's newest feature, Smart Folders.

The Smart Folders automatically identifies bulk email messages and puts them in a “special” folder.

Google is classifying bulk mail as "any kind of mass mailing (such as newsletters and promotional email)." The new Smart Folders feature is currently available in Gmail Labs and must be activated by each Gmail user who wants to take advantage of it.

Smart folders mark the start of a new major challenge for email marketers. With the rising adoption promotional emails and bulk mail notifications from social networks, our Inbox messages are being flooded. Users are looking for ways to reduce noise and smart folders are likely one of many coming tools that will create friction for email marketers.

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