January 10, 2011

Spruse.com - The newly launched Search Engine

Spruse.com allows users to search over hundred top sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo and a wide variety of trusted websites with just one click.

Visitors to Spruse can perform a general search, or they can limit their search to specific items, such as images, videos, news, blogs and much more. Spruse will soon offer results with ratings and comments, making it easier for users to locate the information for which they’re searching. User-generated ratings will help other searchers determine if a specific site is helpful and why.

The topics are virtually endless, and provide users with a means of keeping informed and entertained about issues important to them.

Spruse has only been online for a short time, but its creators already have plans for its evolution. Its designers are working on ways to allow hundreds of additional search options that will enable users to perform additional searches within their initial search. It’s a unique concept that will allow users to find what they’re looking for quickly and more efficiently.

Each time a website utilizing Spruse receives a hit from that site, the search engine registers the activity level of the website. The more active the website, the higher that website's ranking will be in Spruse. The code is optimized and enhanced, and can be utilized to best accommodate the needs of the websites that are implementing it.

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