November 21, 2010

What comScore says about Search Engines?! - A Quick Review

Google preserved its authority in search last month, capturing 66.3% of explicit core searches and 64.3% of total core searches, which includes Google Instant.

Well, Bing and Yahoo tracked behind, according to the comScore data Bing has got faintly uptime. comScore has continued it’s second month with the impact of Google Instant – which offers suggestions as someone types – when calculating its search engine rankings.

ComScore said last month that when people type something into Google, hit "enter," and then click on a link, it counts that activity in its "explicit core search" results. Results that show up in Google Instant as someone types will be included in "total core search" results if a user pauses on that for at least three seconds, comScore said.

As a result, Google had 66.3% of the open core search market in October 2010, up very slightly from 66.1% a month before. Yahoo came in 2nd with 16.5% of the market, losing 0.2%, followed by Microsoft sites with 11.5%, a 0.3% boost. Overall, more than 16.6 billion open core searches were conducted in October 2010, with Google capturing 11 billion searches, followed by Yahoo with 2.7 billion, and Microsoft with 1.9 billion.

Recently moved – had 598 million searches, followed by AOL with 346 million. On the whole Google is only company in the hit list to make any gains month-over-month in a total core search, which includes Google Instant.

Recent article says that “Google had 64.3 percent of the market, up 1.4 percent from the previous month. Yahoo had 18.5 percent, down 0.7 percent, followed by Microsoft at 12.1 percent, down 0.4 percent.”

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