November 19, 2010

Nokia Declares N8 Power Problem

The world's leading mobile phone maker Nokia declared on Friday some of its new flagship N8 smartphones, which it hopes will help re-take lost market share, are simply dying. The N8, which is the company's first handset to run the Symbian 3 platform, which was released in October.

Few customers are reporting that their N8 turned off inadvertantly without any way to turn them back on, or refused to power on at all. The company said that complaints of the problems have emerged in the press in recent days, prompting Nokia to release a video interview on Thursday with executive vice president Niklas Savander in which he said he was "concerned" about the flaw.

"We have dressed it down to the way we assemble the engines," Savander said, adding that the company has taken "precautionary measures" across their product line to weed out the problem.

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