November 16, 2010

Next Generation Messaging - Facebook Email Service

Facebook announced Monday that it is building a full-fledged e-mail system into its 500-million-member social network. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the new e-mail offering will be introduced over the next couple of months to all FB users. 

As of now they began to offer a few thousands of e-mail addresses to U.S. members that consists of their user name followed by It will take little time to make it available to all 500 million members.

FB founder and CEO Mark introduces a new Facebook E-mail Service.
"This is not an e-mail killer, It is a messaging system that includes e-mail. We don't expect anyone to totally switch from Yahoo or Gmail to Facebook." Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at a press conference in San Francisco.

Facebook is clearly trying to match all the services Google provides around its core search capability. Beyond its messaging capabilities, you share links, photos, instant chat and videos as well. A partnership with Skype allows you to make voice calls from the platform; Google only recently added this capability to Gmail. E-mail is the piece that has been obviously missing, and now it is here.

According to eMarketer, Facebook would collect $1.3 billion in worldwide ad revenue in this 2010, Which is twice that what FB did in 2009.

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