November 15, 2010

Google format enables images with AdWords

Last week Google announced a new ad format that may be used to enhance B2B online marketing strategies involving the search engine.

Google Product Ads, a display type that has been in beta testing for a nearly a year, is finally going to be available for all advertisers. The new format shows images alongside traditional AdWords ads, enabling sponsors to current searchers with a visual representation of the products they are searching for.

Unlike normal AdWord ads, the Google Product Ads can be purchased on a cost-per-acquisition basis. For example, an advertiser could pay Google 2 percent on each product sold through the ads. This enables sponsors to avoid paying for clicks that don't lead to purchases, though if their ads are especially popular, it could drive overall expenditures up.

Google Product Ads are set to be available to all advertisers soon.

Google serves the majority of internet searches, which means the new ad format has potential to reach a wide audience of potential clients. According to Experian Hitwise, Google accounted for 72 percent of searches in conducted by American internet users during September.

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