November 30, 2012

Google is now expanding their “Click-To-Call Ad Feature”

GOOGLE – The Search Engine Giant has recently introduced a click-to-call feature for ads using call extensions. Google provided an update about this new feature and what it’s been doing. Early results indicate that the new design has certainly impacted advertiser click-through rates and call volume says Google.

They are increasing the accessibility of call forwarding numbers. Earlier this feature has been available in United States and in the United Kingdom, but now it is being expanded into Germany. They plan to avail this feature to more countries in near future.

Google Mobile Search Ads product manager Anurag Agrawal says that “Mobile technology is making it easier than ever for people to research products and connect with businesses while they’re on the go, But we all know that sometimes it helps to speak to a real person before making a purchase decision. In fact, research shows that 52% of smartphone users have called a business after looking for local information on their mobile devices. Calls are key in helping consumers connect with businesses in the digital age, so incorporating a click-to-call strategy on mobile is crucial for any company that does business over the phone.”

Anurag Agarwal adds “Companies big and small have put click-to-call functionality front and center in their mobile ads to reach customers on the go, and have seen impressive results. For instance, Comcast incorporated click-to-call ads into their mobile strategy, and now find mobile drives more than 10% of online sales. Esurance also reduced their cost per acquisition by 20-30% compared to other channels by using Google mobile ads with click-to-call. With more than 20 million calls made through Google click-to-call ads each month, it’s clear that mobile works when driving calls to businesses. In fact, our studies have shown that adding Call Extensions to mobile ad campaigns have improved advertisers’ average click-through rates by about 6-8%.”

Google has also expanded Call Extensions for ads showing in apps on the Google Display Network.

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