March 3, 2012

New SugarSync Android App – Boost Efficiency through Smart Phones!

SugarSync for android app allows sharing features from social networking sites like facebook & twitter.

Clients can copy, move, share and even delete files or entire folders, which makes the app experience more similar experience to that of the desktop/web client experience.

It enables consumers to share huge folders to FB Friends and your Twitter Followers, send photos and SMS to your contacts in address book.

Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync said “The proliferation of today's powerful smartphones and tablets is drastically increasing the demand for robust Cloud services that can enable you to be more productive while on the go”.

Also Yecies added "SugarSync continues to lead the way in mobile Cloud innovation, and with these enhancements to our SugarSync for Android app, we are making it easier to accomplish the tasks you frequently do on your computer -- like sharing, managing and controlling your files and folders -- all from your Android device".

SugarSync allows you to grab free 500 MB of storage space, when you refer each of your friends to use these features.

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