August 25, 2011

Most Powerful Women - Forbes View

Forbes is an American publishing and media company. The magazine is well-known for its lists, including its lists of the richest Americans (the Forbes 400) and its list of billionaires.

The list of Most Powerful Women in the world for 2011 was released on Wednesday, Aug. 24.

The list is mostly included of women in politics and business. Analysts observed at candidates, ranking them within power bases with billionaires, occupational, lifestyle, media, nonprofits and politics. The highest spot was claimed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with Hilary Clinton, US secretary of state, coming next.

Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, has reached the number five spot in Forbes’ top 100 lists of the world’s most powerful women.
Sandberg was the peak ranking technology figure, beating the number five spot. She was credited as being “one of the few prominent women in tech” as she helped monetize Facebook and previously managed Google’s online global sales. She was also recognized for educating awareness for gender equality in the workplace.

Several newcomers appeared to take their place: Google ad wizard Susan Wojcicki– who is now accountable for 96% of the search giant’s revenues, $28 billion last year alone– debuted in the 16th spot. Google’s first female engineer Marissa Mayer also prepared the cut, debuting as the 42nd most powerful woman on list. Mayer spent her first 11 years on the job improving Web search. Now, she supervises Google’s next key growth driver– local products– while moonlighting as the search giant’s trustworthy public face. Katie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter’s press-shy VP of International Strategy, debuted in the 56th spot on list. Stanton recorded 130,000 miles last year convincing the world to Tweet.

"Across their multiple spheres of influence, these women have achieved power through connectivity, the ability to build a community around the organizations they oversee, the countries they lead, the causes they champion and their personal brands," Forbes said. 

Forbes added women on the list achieved power not only through money and might, but, thanks to social media, through reach and influence.

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