December 6, 2010

Online Marketing is better than Television Marketing - Microsoft

Microsoft India is taking a strange stride to market their latest gaming hardware, the Kinect for the Xbox 360. They feel that usual advertising mediums won’t help them to reach their target audience successfully.

“The people who we are trying to reach, the people who will buy the Kinect from us, are all online, highly connected with the Internet. We are promoting the device through our social networks, and maintain a thriving online community, but unlike the launch of the Xbox in 2005, when we ran a sustained television campaign, today we feel that the community is already aware of the Xbox, is already enthusiastic, and we feel that we can reach them better without advertising” said Jaspreet Bindra, Regional Director for Entertainment and Devices - Microsoft India.

Most of the people are on Facebook and Twitter and on forums which discuss technology, they become familiar with the brand and the device, and then the conversion takes place when they use it themselves.

“On Facebook alone, we have a community of almost 50,000 fans now. These are people that are passionate about the games, identify with our brand and use the page, and our Twitter page and even other paths to connect with us directly” said by Sharan Tulsiani, Community Manager for Xbox 360 India.

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