December 6, 2010

Email Marketing

What is it?

Though there are many online marketing methods to generate leads E-mail marketing can be defined as a means of direct marketing in which the email is required being a medium to speak with your targeted audience. 

As the penetration in the Internet is growing, businesses are finding e mail marketing an easy way to focus on their audience and pitch their services or products.

Why Email Marketing?

Email is an ideal solution for brand reinforcement, product testing, promotional offers and customer surveys. It's fast, cheap and easy to send special announcements, newsletters, and promotional offers to their customers via email.

Email marketing is an effective tool to pursue internet business. It can be a concept that invokes immediate response or action from the prospects. 

Email Marketing has many features. I’d like to list out the important features below,

  • Inexpensive 
  • Drive traffic to your website 
  • Increase profits 
  • There are various tools like auto responders, bounce messages, read receipts and clicks to trace the email messages. These help out with correlating sales with marketing and measuring the negative or positive responses. 
  • Can make sure that the message reaches the targeted audience 
  • Cost effective way of reaching a targeted audience to distribute information 
  • Encourages customer loyalty, strengthens relationships, and builds trust. 
  • Increase brand awareness

Well, the recent survey says that “Consumers want personalized e-mail from marketers” - More than half of US and UK consumers said they would be more receptive to e-mails from marketers if they were personalized and highly-targeted. That is among the key findings of a new report issued from e-mail service provider - e-Dialog, June 07, 2010.

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  1. Useful information about email marketing.It's quicker one to reach the targeted people with low of cost.
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  2. A "personalized message" doesn't necessarily have to mean lots of extra time. A lot of email marketing software is now offering ways of interacting with your CRM. An individual email address can be automatically switched from group to group (and message to message) based on visit history, purchase history, purchase size, etc.

  3. Its really great Blog.Planning for an effective Multicultural Marketing campaign can be challenging, especially if the organization has not been fully engaged in marketing activities for minority populations in the past.

  4. Thank you all for your comments... I'm bit late.. Sorry for the delayed response pals.. :)


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