August 24, 2010

Few Tips of Brochure Design For the Beginners

It might be that you want to create a corporate brochure design for a home business or might be a nonprofit organization, who just wants to create a brochure design for a fund raising event. No matter what your reason, there are certain general truths which you would require to create a brochure which produce the message you want to give.

1. Color
It is true that colors are expensive, but it is also an investment. An average mail receiver would spend hardly 5 seconds before sending it to recycle bin. So, your motive should be that your brochure should be noticed.

2. Photos
Use photos, do not keep lot of text which would bore the people, usage of photos and other graphical elements would make the audience involved into it.

3. Prudence
Many people often look at the images, and then they would look at the headline, so try to give most of your information in the images and headline.

4. Use less fonts
You just have five seconds to draw the attention of the audience, so just have maximum three fonts in your brochure.

5. Be consistent
Do not use the small spaces, just to fill with long headlines. Be consistent in the size, caption, body of the brochure, it should not look as if it has been used as a filler.

6. Use the white space
Split the text with the bullet points and keep all the paragraphs short. Use sufficient line spacing to keep your brochure readable and attractive.

7. Use mail panel
If you use the mail option to send your brochure, then use the mail panel so that it would include all the information, logo, website, address etc

8. Proofreading
If the brochure has got spelling errors, mistakes poor production, then all your efforts seems to be wasted. Consult a professional person to proofread it, so that your errors and flaws could be rectified earlier before reaching to the audiences.

9. Professional Printer
Yes, you need a professional printer or a professional print design services to get your brochure printed, but this finally you would decide on terms of the budget you have. But the professional printer would help you in labels, postage etc.

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